Expopharm 2019

Wir möchten Sie einladen, unseren Stand (Stand D-55 in Halle 1) zu besuchen auf der Expopharm 2019 in Düsseldorf vom 25. bis 28. September 2019.

Die folgende Maschinen werden auf unserem Stand ausgestellt:

Deboxmatic L17 Automatisches Öffnen von (versiegelten) Kartons und Entfernen von Medikamentenblister aus den geöffneten Kartons.

Deblimatic L16 Automatische Entblisterungsmaschine mit Zähl- und Fülleinheit.

Deblimatic SA18 Halbautomatische Tischmodell Entblisterungsmaschine NEU

Deblimatic A19 Automatische Tischmodell Entblisterungsmaschine NEU

Reelmatic L18 Ein Wickler, der eine gewisse Erstverteilung von Medikamenten erreicht.

Vibromatic L17 Entwickelt für das endgültige Verteilen van Medikamenten vor der automatische Inspektion von Medikamentenbeutel.

Wir freuen uns, Sie auf unserem Stand auf der Expopharm begrüßen zu dürfen.

Einen kurzen Eindruck unserer Maschinen erhalten Sie über die Link: Maschinenübersicht LO&T

Expopharm 2019

Expopharm 2019

We would like to invite you to visit our stand (stand D-55 in Hall 1) at the Expopharm 2019 exhibition in Düsseldorf from 25 – 28 September 2019.   

The following machines will be on display in our stand:

  • Deboxmatic L17 Automatic opening of (sealed) boxes and removal of blisters from boxes.
  • Deblimatic L16 Automatic deblistering machine with counting and filling unit.
  • Deblimatic SA18 Semi-automatic table-top deblistering machine. NEW
  • Deblimatic A19 Automatic table-top deblistering machine. NEW
  • Reelmatic L18 A winder that achieves a certain degree of initial spreading of medication.
  • Vibromatic L18 Designed for the final spreading of medication prior to pouch inspection.

For a short impression of these machines, please view: Video overview of LO&T’s machines

We look forward to welcoming you in our stand (Hall 1, stand D-55) at the Expopharm.

Company name change announcement

In view of the strong (international) growth of ‘Langemaat Ontwikkeling en Techniek’, we have decided to change the company name and legal form.
As per July 2019 the sole proprietorship ‘Langemaat Ontwikkeling en Techniek’ changed into a company with limited liability named LO&T b.v.. The abriviation ‘b.v.’ designates the legal form.

All existing obligations of the sole proprietorship ‘Langemaat Ontwikkeling en Techniek’, including guarantee obligations and maintenance contracts, have been transferred to LO&T b.v. We will also launch a new website in the course of the next few months. In the meantime, the old website (www.langemaatontwikkelingentechniek.nl) will remain accessible.

As LO&T b.v. we look forward to continuing and expanding the pleasant cooperation with you.

Vibromatic® L18

Vibromatic® L18

Spreading of medication in medication pouches

Based on market demand, Langemaat O & T has developed the Vibromatic L18.
This automatic dewinder can be placed as a ‘stand alone’ unit upstream of a vision system to spread medication that is packed in pouches before the pouches pass through the vision system. The Vibromatic uses a proprietary spreading system. In the meantime, the Vibromatic has been tested extensively by several pharmacies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Important features
  • Significantly lower percentage (up to 50% lower) of False Negatives
  • No damage of the medication, thanks to the special proprietary spreading system
  • Automatic dewinding; prevents foil rupture in the medication roll
  • Easy to position upstream of a vision machine
  • Simple operation

Expopharm 2017

Expopharm 2017

In verband met de snelle ontwikkelingen bij ons groeiende bedrijf Langemaat Ontwikkeling & Techniek, melden wij u graag het volgende:
Wij zullen deelnemen aan de Expopharm in Düsseldorf en zijn aanwezig met twee van onze machines die werkend te zien zullen zijn. mehr lesen…


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