Deblimatic® A 19

Automatic table-top deblistering machine

Main Features:

  • Automatic deblistering of tablets, pills and capsules
  • Patented press-out cassette technology
  • Adjustable press-out roll pressure
  • Wide range of blister sizes (minimum 50 x 30 mm; maximum 140 x 110 mm)
  • Magazine for holding up to 60 blisters, depending on the thickness of the blisters
  • Very easy to clean

The patented cassette type press-out system is at the core of the Deblimatic® deblistering machines. The machine comes with two cassettes.

The Deblimatic® A 19 is supplied with two press- out rolls with different rubber hardnesses. The softer of the two rolls is particularly suitable for the deblistering of capsules without damaging the capsule.

leaflet (PDF)