Deboxmatic® L17

Remove medication blisters from boxes fast and easily.
The Deboxmatic saves money and saves your employees’ hands.

Main Features:

  • Deboxing of any type of medication blisters
  • Box dimensions: minimum LxWxH 70x30x18 mm maximum LxWxH 160x80x40 mm
  • Box dimensions up to: LxWxH 160x80x80 mm, by using a special, optional, tool
  • Optional: automatic stacking of blisters into stacks that can be placed in the magazine of a Deblimatic deblistering machine.

Indicative operational performance data:
Maximum deboxing speed: 30 boxes per minute.
Deboxing percentage: > 95 %

One Deboxmatic machine can feed at least one Deblimatic deblistering machine and depending on the number of blisters per box even two Deblimatics. In the above picture the blisters from the Deboxmatic (on the right) can be fed immediately to the Deblimatic (on the left). Look at a short video:

leaflet (PDF)