Deboxmatic® L19

Remove medication blisters from boxes fast and easily.
The Deboxmatic saves money and saves your employees’ hands.

Main Features:

  • Deboxing of any type of medication blisters
  • Box dimensions: minimum LxWxH 70x30x18 mm maximum LxWxH 160x80x40 mm
  • Box dimensions up to: LxWxH 160x80x80 mm, by using a special, optional, tool
  • Automatic stacking of blisters into stacks that can be placed in the magazine of a Deblimatic deblistering machine.

Indicative operational performance data:
Maximum deboxing speed: 20 boxes per minute.
Deboxing percentage: > 95 %

The Deboxmatic L19 has a magazine that can hold up to approximately 200 boxes that have to be opened. In addition, the Deboxmatic L19 is provided with an automatic blister stacking device.

The Deboxmatic® L19 is supplied with one standard box opening tool which is suitable for the opening of boxes with dimensions up to 160x80x40 millimeters.

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