Reelmatic® L18

Automatic winder

Based on requests from the market, LO&T developed and launched the Reelmatic® L18. This automatic winder can be placed as a ‘stand alone’ unit downstream of a medication pouch packing machine to roll up the chain of pouches on a reel without damaging the pouches and/or the medication. This is achieved by means of a novel, patented winding system.
Thanks to specially developed cam discs the Reelmatic® L18 can move medication toward the center of the pouches during the rolling up.

Important Features:

  • Adjustable tension in the chain of medication pouches
  • No damage thanks to the specially developed winding system
  • Automatic feed control assures a constant tension in the chain of medication pouches
  • Easy to place downstream of a pouch packing machine
  • Simple operation



A check of the readability of the barcode on pouches.

leaflet (PDF)